How to mark a special occasion with panache

Whether it is for a special birthday, a wedding anniversary, a retirement gift or setting the scene of the perfect marriage proposal, you can often find yourself looking for a way to celebrate that’s a little bit different.

In the UK, thousands of people every year celebrate special occasions with style and take to the skies in hot air balloons to take advantage of the bird’s eye views they offer.

A flight in a hot air balloon is both serene and exciting. Nothing beats the feeling of exploring famous landmarks and beautiful vistas from up above. Hot air balloon trips over Bath enable visitors to explore the south of the Cotswolds. On a clear day, guests can see the standing stones in Avebury. Flights over South Wales give visitors to chance to take in the stunning expanse of the Brecon Beacons.

All our champagne flights feature a glass of fizz for passengers upon descent. Guests are allowed to photograph their adventure and mementoes are also available for purchase. Whatever the occasion – whether it is Easter, a birthday or another anniversary – our dedicated team will do all we can to ensure your hot air balloon adventure is a moment to remember.

We fly from April to October and principally in the morning or the evening when meteorological conditions are most favourable. This enables guests to make the most of stunning sunlight as they set off on an adventure they are sure to cherish for a lifetime.